060314 // Kickstarter

We are excited to announce our first Kickstarter campaign to support our first ever full length album. We've been working on new material for the past year and are now primed and ready to head to the studio. We need your help to get to get us there. We will be heading down to record with J. Hall (producer of both EP 001 and EP 002) for the month of July in Nashville, TN.

The Kickstarter video contains an exclusive sneak peak of the new songs. Please check out the campaign page below and pledge your support today - we've put together some great reward packages that fit any budget - every $1 counts. Thank you for your continued support!

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101413 // Home + Writing

The landscape of a full length recording is interesting. A proper album isn't a collection of songs, but a story. Each song a chapter, complete with an opening, three acts, and an ending. The cast that create the ebb & flow; up & down, dark & light, quiet & loud - each nonexistent without its other. The "quiet" that we all know is of course relative to what is "loud". A quiet city apartment may be catastrophically loud for a person used to absolute silence in the country. That same silence may terrify a person used to having basic white noise that goes unnoticed.

In writing this album, I'm finding that the ideas are infinite. What is truly scarce is reason. Reason is what lets a song be a song - and bookends an idea in order for it to shine. Reason is what is on either side of the verse, or chorus. Reason is what track 4 sounds like after track 3 and before 5. Reason is what becomes clear after chopping away the thick that we build around ourselves during this very human process - and it never comes any sooner than it does. We're extremely excited to take these new ideas to stage and are very grateful to have ears + eyes + minds to share them with.


Tour Dates

EP 001

Released September 2011
Produced by J. Hall Format Digital only Track listing 01. Atonement
02. One to Ones
03. Controlled Chaos
04. Swan Dive
05. Poet & Liar
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EP 002

Released October 2012
Produced by J. Hall Format Digital only Track listing 01. Featherweight
02. The Absence of Emotion
03. Picture Perfect
04. Monsters
05. Lullaby
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Released Februrary 2012
Produced by Villain Lighting Format Digital only Track listing 01. Controled Chaos RMX Listen / Buy iTunes


Hidden Hospitals // Chicago, IL

Hidden Hospitals, a four-piece alternative rock band from Chicago, has an innovative sound and a fierce dedication to developing it. "Places revealed to those seeking resuscitation, rejuvenation, decompression, atonement." Their website defines where this band derives its moniker. Their iconic mark embodies this foundational vision. Obscured within a double "H" is the universal symbol for aid.

Before presenting themselves to the world, the band spent nearly a year writing and recording their first release (EP 001) while devoting themselves to perfecting a live performance that would do the record justice.  "While we love the writing and recording process, our main goal is to be the best live band we can be. Onstage is the ultimate destination for our songwriting process." says singer Dave Raymond.  "The 30 or 40 minutes we get to be onstage in front of an audience is a special thing – and we take that responsibility very seriously.  We want the audience to leave each night knowing that we gave everything we had and didn't take a minute of it for granted." To that end, Hidden Hospitals brings this on tour; giving away die-cut download cards that have been hand stamped with codes at each of their shows in appreciation for fans who come out to support live music.

It's not often that a project comes out of the gate with a clear brand and identity. Hidden Hospitals has accomplished just that. While most bands spend years and countless album cycles sifting through ideas to define a sound, Hidden Hospitals' vision is the result of several years in the music industry (previous projects include: Damiera [Equal Vision Records] and Kiss Kiss [Eyeball Records]).

Though this genre-defying quartet self-identifies as an "alternative rock" band, that title is a catch all for a sound that is difficult to define. encountered this challenge while attempting to pinpoint Hidden Hospitals' sound in their review of the band's latest release, stating "with Alt Rock as its foundation, Progressive Rock in its instrumentation, and Post-Punk in its atmosphere it comes across as an EP very confident with its sound and style." The band member's individual contributions meld together effortlessly to create an expansive sound that is simply impossible to stereotype. touched on this subject in another recent review: "Raymond's vocal delivery and dynamic songwriting is a key asset but the intricate guitart work, sleek bass lines and slick drumming all complement Raymond's voice like a glove." It's progressive rock informed by pop song structure combining classic, alternative rock with a modern twist to create something new.

In 2012, under the direction of J. Hall, the band independently released two five song recordings entitled simply EP 001 and EP 002.  EP 002 has received critical acclaim and was selected by several media outlets as one of the top EPs of 2012.  In the same year, the band released two music videos, extensively toured the U.S., and pressed 500 limited edition vinyl records. Hidden Hospitals is currently on the road in support of EP 002 before they return to Nashville to produce their first full length album with J. Hall at the helm once again.